Wednesday 6 November 2019

Engineering firms


By Ted Barr

This list is offered with the idea that others may have further knowledge or can help in other ways.  It is by no means exhaustive and was compiled from a variety of sources.  Please add and amend it as you think fit.

General Engineers and Machine Shops
Thompson and Co.  At Endyne Works, Blisset Street.  These people made small lighting for isolated country houses 100 years ago.  I acquired the electric motor and some pulleys that drove their machine tools through line shafting (I'm sure Chairman Jack can explain that in detail).  This motor and catalogue are in the Borough Museum at Plumstead.  The motor has a twin brother, which is in the Chalk Pits Museum, Amberley, Sussex.

Fry's (London) Ltd. Catherine Grove.  Tool Makers and consumables – eg they made hacksaw blades, drills etc., I have a copy of their catalogue from about 1930.

Custance and Thompson.  MeadowCourt Road, Lee.  They were long established and all through World War II, they were on repetition machine parts.

Elliott Machine Co.  On Blackheath Hill in the old railway station.  Similar to Custance and Thompson.

DeVille Brothers.  Sited on the corner of Royal Hill and Gloucester Circus.  Run by retired Royal Navy 'Tiffies'.  They had a well-equipped workshop, and traded as general and motor engineers.  During World War II they made parts for PLUTO valves and control gears.

Haybeerd – they were somewhere near South Street and made transformers, chargers and other electrical gear.

Phillips Motor Engineers.  Shooters Hill Road – there is still a petrol station on site.
????? General Engineers of 156 Eastcombe Mews, Taking these together with Phillips (above) both had machinery driven by line shafting during World War 1.  They must have been on war work as there were virtually no motors locally.

W.C.Keach.  Motor Engineer, in Sun Lane Garage.  They were sub contractors for a works at Crayford.

E.Dello. General engineer in Sun Lane Garage.  Had traded from other addresses and did general repetition work – in the war it was of a munitions nature.

E.Kingsnorth and Sons. Motor Engineers, Blackheath Hill. They did tool making and precision works for Elliots (above).

Dangerfield.  Trafalgar Road, plant engineers.

Henry Sykes.  Pump manufacturers.

Colloid Mills. Woolwich Road, near the tram graveyard.  Machine tools could be seen at work there.

Arthur Martin.  Tool Maker of Plaxtol Place.

This article appeared in thr March 2001 GIHS Newslettrer

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