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Letters May 2001

Letters May 2001


From Barbara Ludlow
I see that Ted Barr (March issue) has put Fry's Tool Makers in his list of engineering firms.  There was also Fry Bros Ltd., Norman Road, Greenwich, S.E. Body Builders, Motor Engineers, and General Engineering.  They made private bodies, bus bodies, trailers and Char-a-bancs.  They were probably part of the Fry's in Catherine Grove but I have not checked this out.  The advert I have is c.1934.

Also worth adding to the list would be Grafton's Engineering Factory, Footscray Road, and Eltham.  They made spools for typewriter ribbons, adding machines, zip fasteners and radio valve pins.  All made in a factory hidden by a fa├žade purpose built to look like a large country house.  In front of the building was a large garden with a tennis court to create the impression of 'gracious living'.  Built in 1919 it was demolished in 1988 to make way for a B&Q store.  This must have been a fairly unique piece of architecture.

From David Riddle.
Are you aware that an aluminium information board has finally been placed on the refurbished wharf downstream from the Amylum silos?  Very interesting reading... but sad to say it has already has graffiti painted over the middle section.
The Victoria Deep Water Terminal has been completely tidied up.  Especially of note is the clearance of the first part as you do the left turn off the old 'alley'.  The old fence/concrete slabs have been taken down and there is now a clear view across the A102 to the Dome.

Huge activity at the Sand and Gravel works.  Two large boats being off-loaded, and one smaller one at a new conveyor at the eastern end of the site (making three now) just before you get to Cory's.  Perhaps a mention of this 'revival' of the wharves in the next Newsletter?  I note that the East Greenwich Framework new draft shows the great need for further gravel and road stone wharves in the area.

From Richard Cook
Re: the article in the previous newsletter about the Stanley Works at Eltham.
I have a Fullers No.2.  calculator made by Stanley and found your article when researching its history.  The article has hopefully given me a starting point for the research and would be grateful for any information/photos of the works at New Eltham.

From Denis H McClusky
I linked to your excellent and informative site from the Greenwich Council website.  I've been to one of your interesting meetings last year and then unfortunately lost touch.  There's a reference to Bob Jeffries River Thames Guide on your website and you wanted to know about obtaining copies.  

From John Bowles
I am enclosing the latest leaflet fro the Royal Gunpowder Mills at Waltham Abbey.  Sadly, the opening has had to be postponed due to the foot and mouth restrictions – because of the large number of deer at the north end of the site.  I will let you know when the new opening date is decided.  We'll probably follow the Lea Valley Park's re-opening date.

 From Jack Vaughan
Two areas of concern to all those who care for local history both industrial and domestic – re. The item by John Bowles in our last issue. 'There is a proposal to set up a museum at the Ministry of Defence Depot at Glascoed near Usk (p.5 of newsletter March 2001, Vol.4., No.2.) with items from 'other sites' – like Woolwich and Waltham Abbey.'

We must be prepared to fight for Arsenal History!

The other concern is that new procedures for listed buildings are being introduced. A very dangerous aspect is that permission to demolish listed buildings other than Grade One and Grade Two-Star will be in local authority hands. The indifference of Greenwich Council to preservation attempts by local societies such as ours could result in the destruction of things which we might like to see kept.  Increased vigilance is imperative.

Lovells Wharf – readers may have followed either in the local press or our newsletters the scandalous destruction of two cranes on the above site. In the News Shopper a Council  spokesman said "The Council expressed disappointment about the demolition of the cranes."  We now have to hand a copy of the Greenwich Peninsula Planning Statement March 2001. Thus para 2.15.  "Within the East Greenwich Riverside there are a number of proposals that have been prepared and are or will be the subject of further consideration. These include the development of Lovell's Wharf for an hotel and retail leisure based uses" . 

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