Thursday 17 June 2010

Molassine and the Aeriel Post

First UK Aeriel Post

Mollassine was an animal food factory near the Blackwall Tunnel - it was part of the Syriol site, currently under demolition. It had a somewhat chequered start - and was the source of as very major local smell
The animal food was based on molasses mixed with various other substances. A more detailed history can be found in back numbers of the Greenwich Industrial History newsletter.

Presumably this post card is some sort of pubicity stunt - did all companies get one?? We need to hear from aeriel historians! but the thought of Molassine's dog food by air ...............................

Friday 11 June 2010

News and bits and pieces

Motorcycle exhibitions - Plumstead was a major centre of motor cycle manufacturing s0 -:
Greenwich Heritage Centre
July 3rd-September 18th AJS Motorcycle 100 - history of the works in Plumstead
and - 24th July at 2 pm Matchless Motorbikes. talk by Frances Ward.

GLIAS - Greater London Industrial Archaeology Society Newsletter notes the demolition of the Ferrier Estate, the narrow gauge railway track at Angerstein Wharf, and the closure of the Royal George in Blisset Street.

Woolwich Antiquarians Newsletter recorded the demise of one of the last Woolwich Borough Electricity Junction Box - knocked over by a car. It stood at the junction of Cleanthus and Eaglesfield Roads. It was cast iron and had on it the arms of the old Borough of Woolwich. They note however that another such junction box at the junction of Burrage Road and Burrage Place has now been locally listed.

Crossness Engines Record - sadly records the death of one of their long term volunteers - John Ridley, We should send belated condolences.