Thursday 7 November 2019

Merryweather engine Ganges


This class of Engine is made in one size only.  It is the lightest of the double-cylinder Engines of our make, and is constructed to be drawn either by men or horses.  One of these Engines was supplied to the Municipality of Calcutta some years since, and has given every satisfaction; since then orders for similar Engines have been er & Sons sent six Steam Fire Engines to Paris for its protection.  One of these  engines was of the above class, executed for the same municipality.  The wheels .are made of wrought iron, as shown in the illustration, these being found to suit the climate of India better than wood wheels.  During the Franco-Prussian war Merryweath and, although it left their works unfinished, having to go into Paris by the last train previous to the closing of the city gates, it was selected to supply the street mains with water, as the waterworks had stopped, being outside the city, and the work was accomplished very successfully.  This Engine was also employed to supply enormous reservoirs placed at an  elevation of two hundred feet from the ground.  It has, therefore, been amply proved that this Engine is not only a most excellent Fire Engine, but also a powerful portable Pumping Engine.  The other .Steam Fire Engines were, according to the Engineer's report, instrumental in extinguishing very extensive fires during the bombardment.  This size of Engine is in use in the Moscow Fire Brigade (made to burn wood).  Her Majesty’s Government, also adopts it for the Colonies.  Another Engine of this class was taken by the makers to Stockport, where it was shown off in the presence of the Town Council.  The Town Council met specially, and purchased the Engine at once, although it was on its way to another part, having been lent only to the Corporation of Manchester, about eight miles distant, during the building of a more powerful Engine to their special order.
This account taken from Merryweather’s catalogue.

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