Thursday 31 October 2019

Mundy cutlers

Mundy Cutlers
Research by John West

We had been asked about a knife which appeared to have been made by Mundy Cutlers and apparently made in Greenwich. I have spent some time at Woodlands, and half an hour with the street directories and suggest the following:

1870 Monday William 5 Little Cross Street Islington
1875 Mundy, William 5 Little Cross Street, Islington and 6 Artillery Street E
1877 Mundy, William, 87 London Road, Southwark and 16 Artillery Street E
1883 as above
1886 as above
1886 Mundy Arthur, 247 Walworth Road
1893- 1939 Mundy, William Samuel 50 London Street, Greenwich
1893 Greenwich Rate book 50 London Street William Samuel Mundy House/shop rateable value £46
1907 Mundy William (Mrs.). working Cutler.
1907 Mundy William (Mrs.). Working Cutler, 3 Carter Street Walworth
1940 London Street becomes 241 Greenwich High Road. Mundy there until 1942
1940-1943 Mundy, William Samuel 162 Fenchurch Street EC4
1950-1968 Mundy and Co.Ltd. 87 London Road Southwark and 162 Fenchurch Street EC

The 1880 60inch OS for London Road, Southwark, does not indicate any workshop or small foundry. Mundy was always listed under 'Cutlers' and not 'Cutlery manufacturers'.  The 1907 entry may be significant as they describe themselves as 'Working Cutlers '.

I didn’t have the time to search earlier or later volumes but the above indicates they were long established invest successful firm but what entice them to Greenwich
John West

This article first appeared in the December 1998 GIHS Newsletter


Unknown said...

Hi There, I am interested in knowing more about the Mundy cutlers as my maternal grandmother was a Mundy, I believe William would have been my Great-Grandfather.

Unknown said...

Hi there,
my maternal grandmother was a Mundy, William I believe was my Great-Grandfather, I would be interested to know more info. I recently moved to Walworth and I was surprised to discover that I have roots here. Best regards

Anonymous said...

Hi i have a big hunting knife with w.mundy dutler on it bone handle
Any info please will be grate

Anonymous said...

I have a well used knife with the writing ' w mundy london Rd se1' written on it. Any info would be great xx