Tuesday 29 October 2019

Greenwich Marine Engine Builders


We have been contacted by Dr. Ian Buxton of the Department of Marine Technology at the University of Newcastle.  He says that the British Shipbuilding Database covers all British built or engined vessels from the mid 19th century, plus the shipyards and engine works and has enclosed a partial print-out of marine engine builders in the Greenwich area. He asks for additions or locations of the exact sites on a map.

Appleby Bros Ltd.
                                        East Greenwich.  From 1866. Previously at Southwark.

Humphrys and Tennant
                                        (also Humphrys, Tennant & Co.) Deptford.  1857-c.1865. Admiralty use from c.1860
                                        Known as Humphrys and Tennant in early years 1852-1857.

William Joyce & Co.
                                        Greenwich Ironworks. 
Charles Lungley
                                        Deptford. C. 1863.

Henry Maudslay
                                        Maudslay Sons and Field. (boiler works) East Greenwich, Tunnel Avenue. c.1870-1900.

Merryweather & Sons Ltd.
                                        Tram Locomotive Works.  1876

John Penn
                                        John Penn and Sons Ltd. Greenwich. C.1845-1889
                                        Boiler works at Deptford.
                                        Taken over by Thames Iron Works. July 1899.

G.Rennie & Co.
                                        Deptford.  Works to Humphrys Tennant c. 1852.

This article first appeared in the GIHS  Newsletter in May 2003

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