Sunday, 22 May 2016

Sudden holes appear in Charlton and Woolwich

The following might be a bit band wagon jumping - but the recent collapses in local roads are all too familiar to me - brought up in Gravesend where dene holes were well known.

There has been a lot of local research  by individuals and organisations. -

Subterranea Britannica is long established, has a distinguished record and maintains a data base.

Kent Underground Research (KURG) has specialised in our area and I note that the redoubtable Rod LeGear is giving a talk to Gravesend Historical Association on 12th September about Kent Chalk Mines.   There are also newer local organisations - like GIHS - and the North West Kent Family History Society has also produced research, particularly in brickworks.

A lot of work on the subject was published in the 1960s  (and later) by the Chelsea Spelaeological Society - and I have put below a few references to their findings on Woolwich and Charlton from what I happen to have about the house and remember, Sub Brit have published far more

Vol 4
Page 38. Report on digs at Deneholes in Abbey Wood
Page 58 Deneholes discovered in Plumstead 1880s

Vol. 6
page 63 Report of tunnel in front of Charlton House, and Council report on the subject
page 43  Detailed report of chalk mine in Alliance Road area, Plumstead.10 page report including maps.

Vol 10
page 108 Denehole which appeared in Abbey Wood in 1974

Caves and Tunnels in South East England

Part 4. 
Page 55 Woolwich Common - collapse in Nightingale Vale

Part 5
Page 26 Sappers tunnels in Woolwich

Part 6
Page 49 historical note on excavations on Plumstead Common

Part 9
Page 19 Turpins Cave - edge of Bostall Wood plus a plan
Page 20.  Maryon Park Chalk Mine

--  well that's a few to be going on with

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