Tuesday 25 February 2014

United Glass site for sale

The picture below comes from  newspaper cutting - sadly there is no note of where it comes from or what date - lets guess Mercury early 1960s.  It shows the United Glass, Charlton, site divided into plots as they are sold. Note on the right foreground what I suspect is Charlton Dogs and in the top right are rail tracks to the river - the Angerstein Wharf complex, now much smaller. Please note all the lighters and real boats in the river.

The text with the picture describes the sale:
"Chamberlain and Willows, auctioneers, surveyors and .estate agents, of Moorgate, London, have completed an important ·transaction concerning the United Glass  Bottle Works at Charlton. Following the closing of the factory, covering some 26 acres, considerable progress has been made in disposing of the property and a new road which serves the south and west boundaries of the site is now almost  completed. Four sections of the property totalling 22.75 acres with buildings of about 400,000 square feet have now been sold

The major part, comprising 14.7 acres with buildings of 235,000 square feet has been sold to J. Sainsbury Ltd. who intend demolishing most of the buildings at an early date and erecting a new London distribution depot on the site with extensive cold storage facilities.
Messrs G. L. Hearn and Partners acted for the purchasers.
Two sections have been bought by Ralph Hilton (Transport) Ltd to centralise their various London warehouses and transport depots. The total area Hiltons have acquired at Charlton Is about 5, 2 acres with buildings of 110,000 square feet.

A further section 'has been sold to LEP Transport Ltd. as a warehouse and transport depot.
The site area is about 2.85 acres and the single-floor buildings have an area of 56,000 square feet.

These sales represent a total value of over three-quarters of a million pounds.
The remaining part has an extensive frontage to the new road. It contains a two-storey brick building of 97,000 square, feet on a site of 3.8 acres with rail access.
The freehold is for sale at a price of £245,000, 'Subject to contract. There is also for disposal a leasehold Thameslde wharf of 1.2 acres with deep, water jetty.

(if this is someone's copywrite I am sorry - but I really don't know where this cutting originates from)

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