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Merryweather Fire Engine Enfield

(HM War Department Pattern)

This class of Engine is made in one size only, and answers to the general specification given  elsewhere.
The Royal Small Arms Factories at Enfield have two of these Engines for the protection of the Works,
Great care and attention was bestowed by the English War Department upon the selection of the most approved type of Fire Engine. From time to time the records of the performances of the various Steam Fire Engines of every manufacture were carefully noted, and their respective merits of design and construction were fully examined by the Scientific Advisers of the Department.  The  selection, therefore, of the" ENFIELD’ is a circumstance of which the makers are justly proud, as it is an important endorsement arguments adduced in the preceding pages in proof of the superiority
of the Merryweather design of Engine.

A few remarks as to the comparative simplicity of this type of Engine, in contrast with the complex arrangements of other maker’s machines, will show the reasons for the selection of the Enfield.
1st. The Boiler, as against all other Steam Fire Engine Boilers, is the only one that cannot explode, as every tube is co-efficiency to a fusible plug.
2nd  The Pump may be worked with foul water without fear of choking.

3rd Its moving parts are so few, as compared with treble cylinder and other Engines, that lubrication is almost unnecessary,
The very satisfactory working of the Engine during the fifteen years' interval that has elapsed since their supply, amply shows the wisdom of the selection made by the War Office Authorities 
As a supplementary Engine for use in case of a break-down of a waterworks' engine, the "Enfield" is unequalled.
By means of dividing breechins, four, six or eight jets of water may be pumped simultaneously.
The following are some of the patrons of this design of Engine:-
Midland Railway Company   (1 Engine)
Rotterdam Corporation Fire Brigade.    (2 Engines)
Wiborg (Finland) Corporation Fire Brigade (1 Engine)
Dantzic Dockyard (I Engine)
Rio de Janeiro Fire Brigade (1 Engine)
Spanish Government for Havana (1 Engine)

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