Saturday 22 February 2020

Links to Mary's Weekender articles

Below is a list of articles by Mary Mills on Greenwich Industrial history published in Greenwich Weekender.  Some links from mid 2019 on wards are not there - I am trying to find them.  Weekender's digital edition is published generally through the 'issue' website, but their 'archive' page stops in June 2019.  I think the other articles are there somewhere but the web site is a nightmare to navigate.  I have retrieved some links and will try and get the others.

Some links take you directly to the article, some to the edition, and some (sorry) only to the month.  I have included publication dates though.  My articles are usually at the back.

Where something fishy went on  pps 10-11  19th Feb  2020

Dreadnought and Wood Wharf article  February 2020

West Greenwich. The forgotten Gas Works.  22nd January 2020

Four centuries of shipbuilding along the Greenwich Riverside  15th January 2020

From the Meat Trade to Mills, Mariners and Metal Workers.  12th January 2020

The 90 year old Labour of Love 1st January 2020

Walking the Greenwich riverside.  12th December 2019

A short history of a long riverbank.  ?? December 2019

The Secret City of Woolwich    pps 10-11  12th Nov 2019

A brief history of Greenwich stations 18th September 2019

The Diary of Elizabeth Pearson.  A glimpse  into the past.  28th August 2019

Copperas in Deptford and Greenwich. The final years 21st August 2019

Looming against the sky is the skeleton of the great holder  8th August 2019

The Mollassine Company and its smell to remember 8th June 2019

Greenwich Ships Travelled Far  5th  June 2019

The Story Behind the Angerstein Crossing  8th May 2019

How I found the dry dock capstan. article23rd April 2019

Industrial  Chimneys. How were they erected.  10th April 2019

The Man who built London’s Sewers  3rd April 2019

Power for the People  27th March 2019

Kicking up a right stink 13th March 2019

Our Poor Doomed Gas Holder  6th March 2019

Copperas in Deptford  27th February 2019

The Story of William Joyce   6th February 2019

A world of industrial remains,  10th October 2018

We made history on an industrial scale September 2018

The explosion at Blackwall Point  5th September 2018

Keeping the home fires burning .How women kept the gas works going in the Great War.  8th August 2018

Going Underground  16th July  2018

The Man who laid cables under the Atlantic  13th June  2018

The Geenwich Harbour Master  16th May  2018

History of the Holder 16th April 2018

The Greenwich Bicycle Pioneers  21st March 2018

The fascinating George Landmann  15th February 2018

The man who built the Railway.  24th January 2018

The Tragic death of Mary Mahoney killed on her first day at the firework factory  6th December 2017

Picking up the Strands of our rich history. 1st November 2017

17th Century Woolwich Kiln. Gone but not forgotten   3rd October 2017

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