Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Summertime to do

Lots of stuff in the post - but most of it is about various events - little of it to do with Greenwich and Industrial History.  Anyway - here are some bits and pieces.

Our next meeting:  16th June Ian Bull 'The Standard Gauge railways of the Royal Arsenal'  - details over on the side panel.

Also locally:

13th-14th June, Ballast Quay Garden. for the London Open Gardens/Squares weekend, Sat/Sun, 10-5pm, with a little exhibition in the 'shed' - photography not history this year

13th - 28th June Exhibition on East of Eden, which is work students in the University Architecture School have done on east Greenwich and the Peninsula .
also book on this out soon


Several newsletters and so on, but - its summer - not very much content.

Industrial Archaeology News (173 Summer 2015) has an article by Bob Carr on the use of gas holders round the world. Please note that other countries don't pull them down - they use them for housing, amenity and so on.  Its ironic that in Greenwich, where we have such a heritage of engineering, that it seems very likely that we are about to pull down a breakthrough in 19th engineering in the great Greenwich gas holder. Please  protest, although I am not sure what any of us can do, once developers move in.  

Bob describes:
Austria (Simmering - four holders all in housing and community use),
Germany - Oberhausen (very well known and adopted as a symbol for the whole region), Tauchrevier (indoor diving centre), Augsberg (nor sure), Leipzeig (display of panoramas), Dresden (exhibition about the town for tourists), Berlin (flats), Shoneberg (TV studio),
Latvia - Riga (tourism centre)
Czech Republic Ostrava - (auditorium)
Netherlands Amsterdam - (TV studio and trade fairs)
Italy Venice (monument - following a big public protest about demolition) Florence (social centre in a park), Rome (warehouse and parking and art installation),
Greece Athens - (Museum)
Ireland Dublin - (flats)
Denmark Copenhagen - (theatre)
Sweden Stockholm - (cultural centre)  Gavle (theatre)
Finland Helsinki - (circus and arts venue), Turku (thermal battery for district heating)

But we just pull them down - because proposals are made by the developers who buy them, and the public sector on the whole has to go along with it.

PS - IA News is almost impossible to get and I don't even have an address you can write to.  Association for Industrial Archaeology has a Facebook page. Find it and say you want a copy.   There are also a number of excellent gas holder preservation Facebook pages.


Historic Gas Times - the latest edition does have an article about gas holders, but it is 'Memories' of said same.  They have given up too. 
(What's wrong with this country??)

Two other things:

GLIAS Newsletter. (only 4 sides!!)
I see Dan Hayton is leading a walk round the Greenwich Peninsula on 3rd October.  If you want a place and to be given details email

The also recommend London Archaeologist Spring 2015  (Vol 14 No.4.) for an article on archaeology at Convoys Wharf

GIHS - has copies of the GLIAS Journal with an article on the East Greenwich Tide Mill, and one on Deptford Dockyard. £4 each (no profit that is the cover price) on sale at meetings or email


Woolwich Antiquarians Newsletter.
Great article by Richard Buchanan on Enderbys (can we copy it Richard??)

Also note about a new blue plaque at 74 Shooters Hill Road to William Lindlay and William Heerlein Lindley and their contribution to a clean, cheap water supply. 
Can we know more?? Is there someone would like to speak about this.


Finally - Steve had reminded me of a terrific programme of local history events in June in Tower Hamlets. See

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