Wednesday 10 June 2015

Second post in one day!! stuff in the post!

So - various bits and pieces


Dreadnought School - Blackwall Lane - people are always asking what is the old 'derelict' school in Blackwall Lane. Why can't we use it as a new school instead of building, they say.  Well - for many many years it has been a branch of the Horniman Museum.  Very few Greenwich people have seen inside it - I have never been, for one.  BUT the Forest Hill Museum does now run tours (from Forest Hill, but never mind).  
They say the store 'houses the majority of our collections: approximately 95% of the Anthropology and Natural History collections and 80% of the musical instruments collection.     It will cost you £10 and it is for over 18s only.   You have to have a ticket.  Thursday 18th June 6.30-8 .  Let us know how you get on.

Docklands History Group  - notice of their AGM 1st July Museum of London Docklands 6 pm
They have a vacancy for a committee member.

East End Waterway Group - they have been campaigning to save the dramatically sited Bethnal Green Gas holder. It turns out it is still owned by National Grid despite stories in the press that it had been sold to Berkeley Homes.   Let's see what happens next. 

Greenwich Historical Society - letter to say they are moving their meetings to James Wolfe School, Royal Hill. (for those of you unable to keep with which school is in which building this is the old Board School which was used by Greenwich Community College and was also once a girls school).

English Heritage.  thanks English Heritage for sending us some info about sites in the Borough on which work is about to start.  I am not including the whole lot of stuff here but happy to send it on to anyone who emails. (  They are heavily archaeological - nothing newer than the Iron Age I'm afraid.  EH say that there were full desk top studies on the history done, but we, of course, don't get to see those.

1. King Henry Dock. Planning app 11/1584F

2. Plots N205 & N207.  These are riverside sites near the cable car and the route of the proposed Silvertown whatsit.  

Naval Dockyards Society - call for papers for their conference on 16th April 2016 . They want stuff on Naval Air Stations and the defence of dockyards. See
I also have a copy of their latest Dockyards Newsletter. Nothing in it that I can see about Greenwich - but there is
Falkland Historic  Dockyard Museum
Sheerness - ambitious plans
Command of the Oceans update
Venice Arsenale
Admiralty Dock Books
Black Diamonds - Coal and Empire
The Canvey loop
Gibralter No.4 Dock
Naval Dockyard at Key West
Chatham Dockyard and Asbestos
The Milford Haven Lazarette Ships
Memories from Sheerness

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