Saturday 4 June 2011

Woolwich award for engineering excellence

The latest plaque on a Greenwich building was unveiled at a ceremony on Wednesday. This is on the Firepower building on the Arsenal site and was installed as an award by the prestigious Institution of Mechanical Engineers.

The Institution established the Engineering Heritage Awards in 1984 to recognise the value of our national engineering excellence. They have so far awarded 60 of them .

It is is instructive to read through the list of past awards and see the many local connections - Crossness Engines, The Thames Barrier, the Jubilee Line, etc etc.

Although in the view of many local people the Royal Arsenal should have been No.1. - it is a shame we have had to wait so long. It is instructive also to note that, apart from Mayor Jim Gillman, that guests at the ceremony were almost entirely from national academic engineering societies - no sign of any locals at all. (I had crept in under the wing of someone else's invitation - Thanks John!) There was also no sign of any press and I will almost guarantee that apart from this effort of mine that there will be no way the general public is told about this award.

Anyway - please go down and look at the plaque

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David Riddle said...

It makes you wonder whether Greenwich Council deserve to have the sort of buildings they have on their patch! It's not as though it's even in an obscure area of the Borough, but right on their doorstep!