Wednesday 23 April 2008

Blackheath Hill Railway Tunnel

Nick Catford has had some publicity in the local press in his attempt to get information about the railway tunnel which carried what was the Greenwich Park Line under Blackheath Hill. He has now sent me his finished manuscript on this - which will appear in the Greenwich Industrial History newsletter some time in the future. I am assuming it will also appear on the Subterranea Britannica website where so much of Nick's research can be found. Is that true Nick?? The tunnel was built as part of the railway line opened in 1872 between Greenwich and Nunhead - the Greenwich Station was on the site of what is now the Ibis Hotel. It was never that successful and closed in 1917. Nick has researched what happened to the tunnel under Blackheath Hill after closure, what it was used for - and what it looks like now.

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Nick Catford said...

Yes it will be in the next issue of Subterranea to be published in May