Tuesday, 22 April 2008

Births, Chimney Pots and Lightermen

Hearing a presentation last night about arts projects on the Greenwich Peninsula I was very happy to hear that the exhibition between the Dome and the Jubilee Line Station at North Greenwich is to be left there a bit longer. This is an 'arts' project by Julian Walker and consists of thousands of tiny scraps and artifacts found on the Peninsula foreshore. Julian and his team undertook a lot of research at Greenwich Heritage Centre to identify these or at least to find something relevant to say about them, and they are all labelled in one way or another and exhibited in vast glass cases alongside the walkway. Just reading the labels is evocative of much of the industrial past of the Peninsula - there are references to many of the industries, to ships launched and to the working lives of many individuals. I understand that many thousands of people have looked at this exhibition every day. You can find it by walking out of North Greenwich Station into Millennium Square going towards the Dome - as the walkway bends round towards the Dome entrance then the exhibition is in cases to the left. Go and see it before it has to be moved!!

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David Riddle said...

I saw it last week when I went to the O2, but had no time then to look at it.

Is it to be preserved elsewhere do you know?