Sunday, 16 July 2017

Who's heard of Cody Dock?

Ok - Greenwich - which among you has heard of Cody Dock?? Has anyone actually been there?

Its not far away .............

Do any of you actually, ever, cross the river??

So?? -it is part of a riverside walk ..... it has preserved gas holders at either end .................  last year part of it was a finalist in a 'Grow Wild England' competition has a sculpture trail which includes some of our own riverside path fact it starts on our riverside path -with the first bit of art (which isn't a bit of art which is on our Greenwich lists) .............and you end up at the very very wonderful Three Mills (which has been open for years and years and years) having walked through lots of interesting areas including two gas works and all sorts of other industrial sites.

So???  Are you all going to tell me you have all Walked the Line?? and that it is all actually and really on piles of leaflets distributed round Greenwich,

More to come on this. Please add your comments/experiences

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Anonymous said...

I've visited and met the guy who really kicked it off. Its a great little project and tucked away quite secretly