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As many historians and people in Greenwich will know by now Barbara Ludlow died over the weekend.  This is a brief tribute to her - she was one of the founders of Greenwich Industrial History Society - and we will be putting something more fitting as a memorial to this important Greenwich historian - and a friend to many of us.

In the meantime here is a link to a Facebook page which Rob Powell has set up for tributes and comments - with a picture of one of her books.

Below is a bibliography of Barbara's work which Julian Watson has compiled.   There was probably far more and we would be grateful for any additions.

Barbara Ludlow


Transactions of the Greenwich and Lewisham Antiquarian Society:

Social Conditions on Greenwich Marsh 1837-1901. Vol VII no. 3 1968. This article was based on Barbara’s dissertation for her Diploma in Local History at the University of London.

Greenwich Tradesmen of the Nineteenth Century. Vol. VII no. 6 1972

The Vestry met, the rate was set: Administration in Greenwich, 1770-1800. Vol X no.5 1989.

Out of Kent and into London: Greenwich and the London County Council, 1889-1965. Vol. X no.6 1990.

Greenwich Historical Society Journal:

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Book review. A Fisherman of Greenwich. By Julie Tadman. 2002. Vol.2 no. 5. 2002.

Whaling for oil: the rise and fall of the ‘Enterprising Enderbys.’ C1750-1855 (part one). Vol.3 no.4. 2007.

Whaling for oil: the rise and fall of the ‘Enterprising Enderbys’ (part two). Vol. 3 no. 5. 2008.


Combe Farm, Greenwich. By Sally Jenkinson and Barbara Ludlow. Gordon Teachers’ Centre. 1987.
Greenwich. By Barbara Ludlow. Tempus Publishing 1994. Reprinted 1998, 1999, 2002, 2005, 2008. Images of England series.

The Twentieth Century: Greenwich. By Barbara Ludlow and Julian Watson. Sutton Publishing. 1999.

Greenwich Then and Now in Colour. By Barbara Ludlow and Julian Watson. The History Press. 2012

‘She can Sew a Flannel Cartridge’ in the Royal Arsenal, Woolwich. By Barbara Ludlow. A chapter in: Aspects of the Arsenal: the Royal Arsenal, Woolwich. Edited by Beverley Burford and Julian Watson. Greenwich Borough Museum. 1997.

What's In a Name. Short biographies of people whose names have been given to council buildings, etc., in the London Borough of Greenwich. By Barbara Ludlow. Greenwich Council, 1996

 Bygone Kent Articles:

Billingsgate Dock, Greenwich: the Story of an Old Draw Dock. Vol. 24 no. 2 2003.

‘Of Cabbages and Queens’: the Story of Combe Farm in East Greenwich, parts one and two. Vol. 26. 2005   

Greenwich Industrial History Newsletter and Blog

Notes on the Enderbys. GIHS Newsletter.  December  2006 Vol.9.No.4

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The Enderby Settlement Diaries   Book review GIHS Newsletter  VOL 3 No.1.

The Enderbys - note from Barbara Ludlow.. Greenwich Industrial History Blog. January 2009

                                                                                                                                  Julian Watson


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