Thursday, 20 August 2015


so - what is in the GIHS In-tray??

Kent Underground Research Group - their admirable newsletter turns up regularly, sadly nothing much about Greenwich recently.  They have been very involved with a big site at Dover - Fan Bay Deep Shelter.  For those interested in all this subterranean we would very much recommend them at  They say they are interested in all things underground in Kent - and remember, from their point of view Greenwich is in Kent up the historic boundary at the Ravensbourne.  They would welcome articles - info to
Their AGM is on 11th October at New Tavern Fort in Gravesend

KURG also advertise:
Kent Miners Festival. 31st August  at Community Park in Betteshanger. details  When the Kent mines were still active Greenwich had many links with these mining communities - and the festivals are another world. Go down a country lane and into a pit village community.  They had Denis Skinner last year - don't miss it.

also Drop Redoubt. 12th-13th September - this is the opening of Napoleonic defence structures at Dover  It includes an opening of the Grand Shaft - something which I will guarantee you will never see the like of again!!


Steve Hunnisett of Blitz Walkers has been kind enough to send a list of bombs dropped in the Second World War on the Redpath Brown site (this was a structural steel works behind and between the river to the Pilot PuB).   He has promised to send more bombings of industrial sites - these Redpath Brown ones will go to Andrew Turner who has been researching the site for many years, and hopefully will come and talk to GIHS about it soon.


People will have seen Rich Sylvester's story boards outside the old health centre on hoardings. Rich is going to speak about the history of the site at Greenwich Square Library  6.30pm 7th October


This project to rebuild a historic ship at Deptford are to be at the Tall Ships Festival on 29th August. They have a restored cannon and will be selling tee shirts.  They also say they have a film about the ship on their web site.


English Heritage have emailed to say that archaeological work will soon begin on sites in Deptford   
Land Bounded by Deptford Creek, Copperas Street and Creek Road, (Creekside East): 14/3795/F (LAG/011/503) CLO14224 
This is about the pumping station on Shooters Hill. We have been asked about
the supply of 2 Cornish Boilers K22 and K23  by Harvey & Co.These were used in conjunction with a pair of horizontal engines (By Cowan and Gardiner & Mackintosh respectively). Together these machines were used to pump water in Shooters Hill, London. (they were apparently scrapped in 1925).   The Cowan engine was probably a Burgh and Cowan horizontal engine supplied by TW Cowan, Kent Iron Works, Greenwich in 1862-4       
Does anyone at the Society have any further information about these boilers or engines?       
---------------------------------------- l
Crossness Engines Record
Thanks Crossness for your wonderful newsletter. Everything in it is local -so I am just going to list out the contents:- 
Peter Connolly and the boiler house doors - (a nice paint job, thanks Pete)
The Crossness Beam Engine /Flywheels - details and a sketch
Royal Arsenal Narrow Gauge Railway Progress Report - we all want to know more about the new railway in the Borough, don't we?? Read about it here!
A history of  music recorded at Crossness - yes, really
Spotlight on a volunteer - (thanks Mike)
A Crossness Swan song (poorly swan on site)
- and - Sir Joseph has had a make over.
Steaming days - 23rd August   and 11th October (with local history special).  10.30-5 .00 and it says you have to wear trousers and flat shoes. (oooeer)
Now the next thing - can anyone tell us/ have they heard of the Greenwich Declaration..  We understand this is about industrial heritage in Europe.
How come we missed it?? But what is it??
Tell us more.
(contact for info or whatever


Anonymous said...

Google is your friend. You'll find the Greenwich Declaration here:

David Riddle said...

Mary.. re: 'The Greenwich Declaration" - the only thing I have come up with is this. Not exactly Industrial History!

David Riddle said...

Can't really identify where the Greenwich link in this project is, but some of the past nominees for awards and the results are quite interesting.