Monday 7 April 2014

Bateman's Engineering

This cutting comes from the Kentish Mercury January 1883. I know nothing else about Bateman's not even where their site was,.

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Barbara said...


I was able to find a bit more about A.H. Bateman and his company. Arthur Henry Bateman ran an Emery Wheel Makers and Engineering business located at 93 Pelton Road until 1892. It looks on my 1894 map as if the premises were at the river end of the road on the northern side. An entry in the London Gazette shows that the company was run in partnership with Arthur Paston Mack but was dissolved by mutual agreement on 27 October 1892. The address given at this date was the Westcombe Hill works.

The 1881 census has Bateman living at 17 Woodland Villas as an engineer employing 30 men – so it was a reasonably large business at this time. Kelly’s Directory for 1891 confirms the locations of the business at both Pelton Road and Westcombe Hill.

After 1892, I can find only one more reference – in Grace’s Guide for 1905 - for Bateman. In a business called Moser, West & Bateman, they bought the firm of Rooper & Harris.