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Harveys of Charlton - Equipment to solve dust problems

Harvey Fabrication Limited

Woolwich Road London SE7
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Date   February, 1970

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Harvey Dust and Fume Collectors Solve Air Pollution Problems
Without clean air mankind cannot survive. Air pollution is at last recognised as a deadly serious problem. New codes and more stringent laws are now emerging.

Industry is the target of these laws. It is a huge source of air pollution, second only to transportation. Thousands of tons of contaminating particles, droplets and gases are hurled into our limited atmosphere each day. Pollution must be controlled or the polluters will be forced out of business.
Fortunately, highly efficient air pollution control equipment has been engineered and is readily available to industry. The most effective types of particle control equipment are Fabric Filter Cabinet Collectors, High Efficiency Cyclones, and Swing Arc Fume Exhausters.
The exclusive Torit design developed from over thirty -five years operating experience in the U. S.A. and backed by Harvey's ninety year record for craftsmanship gives you a comprehensive range of the finest dust collectors ever seen in this country.
Competitively priced, available from stock, and complete with all accessories for any dust collection problem you may have. The range is available in any part of the United Kingdom.
Get in touch with us soon for further information - or, better still, call in our technical representative for advice on your particular air pollution problem.
We look forward to hearing from you.

Yours faithfully ,
F.S.BRICKETT, SALES MANAGER                                                                                         


Member of the G. A. Harvey Group

Torit Dust Collectors keep air clean and for the past 20 years have been successfully tested and perfected in America. Now, together with the 90 years' experience of Harvey Fabrication Limited, you are able to choose a collector to suit your particular problem from the finest range of dust collectors in the country.
Torit Dust Collectors: Collect more dust per horsepower than any other equipment. Occupy less floor, wall or ceiling space. Are available ex-stock throughout the country. Whatever your dust problem, there is a Torit answer. Write or phone for full details. One of our technical representatives will be pleased to visit you to discuss any aspect of dust collection. The Torit range is available in any part of the U.K.

These models are designed to filter all dust including extremely fine atmospheric particles such as grinding wheel and metal dust including sub-micron sized particles. Operators, therefore, no longer require masks as the dust is prevented from reaching their breathing areas. Cabinet Dust Collectors can be castor mounted and made easily portable for use anywhere in the factory. As a result they can serve several machines without the use of long duct runs.
The Torit range of Cabinet Collectors comprises 12 models each having a collection by weight efficiency of 99.7%.

Provide highly efficient dust collection for polishing, sanding, grinding, snagging or any portable hand too(job. They combine the work surface with a highly efficient dust collection system. The bench, not the worker, inhales the dust which is sucked down from the surface by a powerful airflow. A specially shaped baffle causes "a curtain of air" to form along the periphery of the bench. effectively preventing particles from escaping. Torit Downdraught Benches are. real space savers. With no rear doors they can be placed
against walls, away from the traffic flow.
Efficient Torit Downdraught Benches will help
speed production and boost morale in your
plant. They are easy to install and completely


A range of seven high efficiency centrifugal cyclone collectors is available to collect your chippings, shavings and sawdust, etc.  These materials can become a source of revenue instead of adding to the overheads by causing premature machine failure or increasing the fire risk.
Torit Cyclone Collectors can be utilised as single units or combined together in some cases to provide custom built dust collection systems. For internal or external use these collectors incorporate an integral fan design providing large savings of power.  Dust storage capacity is from 4 to 54 cubic feet

Remove unpleasant or toxic fumes, smoke and gases common to welding operations. Because these by- products are immediately drawn away from the welding area, Swing Arc Fume Exhausters protect workers from the causes of lead poisoning, zinc chills or other respiratory diseases.
Plant equipment is also protected from airborne deposits from various metals and welding rod.
Swing Arc Fume Exhausters reduce health hazards improve visibility and cut plant maintenance costs. Easy installation, low cost and easy maintenance make Swing Arc Fume Exhausters a real benefit to plant personnel and equipment

Other products in the Harvey Fabrication Range are Industrial Incinerators, Industrial Vacuum Cleaners, Dished Ends and various other items of Factory Equipment.
Please send for details of your requirements.

HARVEY  Member of the G. A. Harvey Group
H.R. 50M/1/69
Woolwich Road, London, SE7. Telephone: 01-858 3232

Manufactured and Marketed by Harvey Fabrication Limited
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