Monday 3 December 2012

Greenwich Peninsula - what do we know??

This really smashing picture has been passed to us by someone who would like to know more about it - and can we say that we have no idea who owns it, where it is or how it got to the person who sent it to us - so, sorry,  if it belongs to you - we will remove it if you want, or happy to share any information about the subject matter with you.
It apparently shows the Greenwich Peninsula's west bank by moonlight - we think soon after 1850.  Any ideas about any of the features shown on it. It seems to be taken from somewhere around Delta Wharf - and to show a boat builders yard, Cowden.  In the distance is Greenwich Hospital and - I am told Our Lady Star of the Sea.  Other buildings appear to be the telegraph cable works of what would have been at that date probably Glass Elliott. 


IanVisits said...

A view of Greenwich Reach from the Thames by moonlight, with the Hospital, Enderby House and the Telegraph House

By Henry Pether.

Anonymous said...

Gosh thanks Ian. The thing in the picture which really stuck me was the boatbuilder - it seems to say Cowden. In the past I have been right through the rate books - parish and sewer rates - from 1800 and have not seen that name. Nor do I remember it from the file of leases at Morden College - who were almost certainly the landowners (I am asking their archivist to check).

David Riddle said...


I think it may be Cow*n*den, or even something longer than that, rather than Cowden if you view the Christies picture in their 'blow-up' mode...

IanVisits said...

Looks like "C.W COWNDEN"

The name crops up in military rolls ( via google)

A bankruptcy of a Charles Cownden, shipbuilder in 1851

Charles Cownden was again named in a bankruptcy with an Andrew Wentzell of a ship builder, "Wentzell and Cownden" in 1856

May be the C.W. of the company name.

M said...

Ian - David - thanks very much and that is very helpful. I never thought to find a shipbuilder on the Peninsula I didn't know about. However I am 99% sure he isn't in either rate book and Elizabeth has checked the Morden College data base again today for me. Very odd. I will check dates for Courtney who was on a Norfolk College owned site - but a bit later than this - and Nathan Thompson who was on Bay Wharf - but that is Morden College owned. There were some others - like Stewart - but they are all much later. Hmm - will think