Saturday, 10 September 2011

Structural steelworks on the Greenwich Peninsula

Universal column being fabricated at Redpath Brown's East Greenwich Works for Babcock & Wilcox

"Redpath's", as it was known locally, was the Greenwich steelworks which stood south of the Pilot Inn - but the firm was actually part of the Teeside firm of Dorman Long.

At a quick visit recently to the Dorman Museum in Middlesborough there was a warm reception and a little surprise at a request for any information about the firm's branch in South London. They have now been kind enough to send two extracts from the Dorman Long company magazine - dated 1947 and 1960 - which include some pictures of Redpath's work.

As the accompanying text says:

"Founded in Edinburgh in 1802, Redpath Brown today is the largest single steel construction unit in the industry. Associated with Dorman Long since 1929, Redpath Brown continues to operate as a separate entity while enjoying the advantages of close association with an important producer of its chief raw material. At home and overseas Redpath Brown steel structures provide the framework of many notable public, commercial and industrial buildings. Among numerous contracts now on hand are:

Aircraft assembly hall for the Bristol Aeroplane Company requiring fabrication and erection of 7,000 tons of' steelwork. The structure has a floor area of 7.5 acres. The building comprises three bays, each consisting of a 331 foot arch span.

Nearly completed by Redpath Brown is the structural steelwork for the new House of Commons. Work on the 1,300 ton steel framework will be finished within the contract period of nine months.

British Nylon Spinners Factory, Pontypool. The first section, 1,000 feet long by 350 feet wide, rising in parts to a height of 100 feet, and involving the supply, fabrication and erection of 13,000 tons of structural steel, is well advanced.

Kingston Power Station, the first section of which is shown, embodies 2,200 tons of steel in the framework and bunkers. The second section of equal size is now under construction.

Robinson and Sawdon, Hull - cambered universal roof beams.

and - the Cleansing Department, Corporation of London.

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Deptford dame said...

When first established in Greenwich in 1903, Redpath Brown was independent of Dorman Long. Redpath's ordinary share capital was bought by Middlesbrough-based steel manufacturing company Bolckow Vaughan in 1922, and Bolckow Vaughan was later taken over by Dorman Long (itself subsequently bought by Cleveland Bridge).