Thursday 19 November 2009

Woolwich Antiquarians ferries

The WADAS newsletter has some interesting notes about Woolwich Ferry and why it is only running on one boat. Apparently John Burns has had a loss of hydraulic oil in a hard to trace place. It has now been sorted out - and the spare part is now being overhauled. These (now very old) vessels are all being overhauled and repaired

John Burns - was the leader of the 1889 Dock Strike and was the first Labour leader to become a Cabinet Minister

James Newman - was leader of Woolwich Council from 1941.

Ernest Bevin - was the Docker's trade union leader and later Minister of Labour. He was MP for East Woolwich in 1950.

The newsletter also has news of the Olympic events on Woolwich Common, a lecture on Woolwich Town Hall and various local lectures and events - AND the Severndroog Castle By a Brick Scheme.

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