Wednesday, 15 April 2009

More Merryweather

- a long and interesting letter about Merryweathers from the Glenister family of Grove Park:

Mr. Glenister writes to say he is the great grandson of William Montague Glenister who was involved with the Merryweather fire tricycle. He has a copy of the original patent and would happy to share this with anyone who is interested. He also had pictures of Merryweather engines - one of which was sold to St.Albans Fire Brigade and was used in the Coronation Procession of George V in 1911. He also has a photo of an engine on display at Floors Castle in Kelso.
He says William Glenister met Mr. Merryweather in Hastings where he thinks Merryweathers had a factory and they designed engines together there. William founded the first Volunteer Fire Brigade in the country in Hastings in 1861, which is how they met. He was the Captain of this first Fire Brigade and also Chief Constable of Police. The modern family has the first hand carved ivory fireman's whistle, on a gold chain, presented to William Glenister for this.

We need to know more!!!

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Rob Newnham said...


I'm writing from Sydney Australia. I work for the Dust Diseases Board of NSW and am trying to write an industrial history report of a man who worked as a fitter at Merryweathers from 1936-1952. I am trying to ascertain whether asbestos was used as a material in the construction of their fire engines.

Any information that you may have would be extremely gratefully received.


Rob Newnham
Industrial History Officer