Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Industrial Heritage

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In a previous edition of Industrial Heritage Richard Cheffins article on the LESC building in Greenwich High Road was reproduced. Now a correspondent to the journal has written:
"The Power Station at Deptford was equipped with reciprocating steam engines made in Bolton by Hick Hargreaves. They were builders of large steam engines, but not as large as that planned by Ferranti and they had to order new machine tools big enough to make the 4 x 10,000HP engines. These engines had spherical hearings features in Hicks engines form the first of their locomotives circa 183q. the engines drove the 10,000 volt alternators with ropes as in a textile mill. The 10,0000 v was taken into London by the side of railway tracks because no council would have such a dangerous voltage over their land. the conductors were concentric copper pipes with paper insulation, the inner being live. Ferranti demonstrated the safety by hammering a chisel through the conductor under power.
100 years ago in 1908 there was a fire under railway arches and a conductor was put out of action. As a temporary expedient supply customers Ferranti used surveying conductors as live with an earth return. he lost about 1,000 volts but it affected telephones, telegraphs and tram cars. the effect was felt as far away as Italy. The disturbance was put down as a severe electrical storm. The beans were spilt just before his death when Ferranti spoke on his easily days.

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