Thursday 11 September 2008

Where are these

More of Barbara's pictures - where are they of? what's the date?


Dazza said...

Well, I think the top right is Blackheath Standard in the late 50's or early 60's judging by the cars.
Bottom left is the junction of Woolwich Road and Farmdale Road before the A102M was cut through and took the traffic over the flyover. and, lastly, the bottom right is the Junction of Woolwich Road/Blackwall Lane/Vanburgh Hill Looking at the Swan and Billet Pub. I would think they are all about the same date.
As to the top left.....I have no idea....LOL

Dazza said...

Sorry, just noticed it's the Ship and Billet Pub.......what was I thinking??

David Riddle said...

Could top right possibly be Edward Street in Deptford looking west with the Pagnell Street junction the other side?

David Riddle said...

Sorry.. I meant top-left!

Dazza said...

Having spent a few more mins carefully studying the pic on the top left, I have come to the conclusion that it's Westcombe Park bridge as it passes over Westcombe Hill.
Again, this was probably in the late 50's/60's before the new road was put through.
Does anyone know just how many houses had to be demolished for the A102M?

David Riddle said...

You're quite right. and I must be blind... well I am.. I lost my decent glasses in Croatia last week!!

It does say Westcombe Park Station clearly on the bridge parapet after all. The phone box is even in the same place.. or at least there used to be one there if there isn't any longer. I guess that's Sperati's, the button maker's, on the other side of the bridge, and the shops to the right are now an open green space.

Anonymous said...

Top Left:
Westconbe Hill - Middle section, Railway bridge that crosses Westcombe Hill near Westcombe Park Station (pre motorway)

Top Right:
Westcombe Hill - Top section. View taken from the Royal Standard

Bottom Left:
Westcombe Hill bottom section, the Woolwich Road intersection, pre motorway - the road is now called Farm Road

Bottom Right:
The Ship and Billet Pub on the intersection betwen Woolwich road and Vanbrugh Hill

Graham Chapman said...

Top left is definitely Westcombe Hill. The photographer would have been standing opposite Mum's Launderette where we also lived. Looks like the shops have already been demolished on the East side, there was Vine's Bakery, Co-Op Butcher, a greengrocers whose name I cannot recall but was NOT Co-Op, and Co-Op grocery store. Last shop on right before bridge was a sweet shop, they also sold Domino cigarettes in open top paper packets of 4 designed specifically to sell to kids. I bought them from there, and also Woodbine Tipped when I graduated to packets of 10.

There were no residential buildings in Westcombe Hill demolished for the Motorway as it was all shops on the East side from Siebert Road going North and after the railway bridge there was a "Goods" railway line on a high embankment.