Tuesday 10 June 2008


Can anyone tell us anything about brick works sites in Plumstead


Anonymous said...

There is a lot of information at the Heritage Centre about brickworks. The houses on either side of The Links were built on Dawson land and the Co-op shop was built on the site of his houses which was called 'The Links'. Dawson was a developer and he supplied bricks for Plumstead houses - but there was also The Cemetery Brickworks, Kings Highway, Plumstead; brick fields in Bostall Lane. The houses on the edge of the Common were superior as at one moment Queen's College, oxford, wanted to develop on all the Common.

Pam said...

Family oral history suggests that my great grandfather and his father were owners of brickfields in Wickham Lane and builders of many houses in the Plumstead area

Both named James Simenton (or Symenton) Jacobs - I would be interested to know if any of the archive records back this up

Pam Lye