Saturday 7 June 2008

Co-partnership Journal

Thank you Clive Price for the June 1929 copy of Co-partnership Journal - it covers all the gas industry of South East London - but what does it report about the various gas works in Greenwich? - in those days there was also a small gas works on the Ravensbourne at the end of Thames Street, called West Greenwich, as well various chemical works and depots.

  • ** Mr. Frederick Latham has been elected to the Company's Co-partnership Committee from the Greenwich Depot.
    ** the Provident Society includes 2,063 members (91.5% of the workforce) from East Greenwich, 16 (94.1%) from West Greenwich, 186 (83.4%) from Ordnance Wharf (tar works on the Peninsula), 258 (99.6) at Phoenix Wharf (chemical works on the Peninsula).
    ** Mr. W.J.Gill, Plater at East Greenwich, age 62 has retired after 28 years service
    ** one of the Company's fleet of ships is called 'Old Charlton'; built in December 1919.
    *** the First Aid Trophy - oh dear! Woolwich District only in 6th place, East Greenwich Works in 7th, Phoenix Wharf, in 9th, Ordnance Wharf in 11th, Norman Road depot in 13th and the East Greenwich Laboratory in 16th. It was won by the Slot Meter Department.
    *** The East Greenwich Works staff club had had a whist drive plus a Carnival Dance with novelty hats! There was also an outing to Penshurst, and a dance which included an exhibition of the minuet in costume by the ladies of the Physical Culture Section.
    **** clocks were presented to Mr.W.King retiring works foreman at West Greenwich and to Mr.J.Ryall who had also retired. Mr. Belben who had retired as Employee Director at West Greenwich got a mahogany clock
    ** the East Greenwich Football Club had won the 'Metro' Challenge Cup and were runners up in the 'Metro League' (the 'office' team won). Sadly there is little detail on the Cricket, Swimming and Badminton Clubs but the Motor Cycling Club did have a Treasure Hunt starting at Hayes Station and intend to hold a Ladies Day and a Mystery Trial. The Photography Club had had a very pleasant tea at Bromley and - apart from finding a dead stag, and a grey hound with a dead rabbit had had a lovely walk in the spring sunshine.

    - is this the 'world we have lost'? or something?

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Anonymous said...

My Late Father Fredrick William George Brown, Work at Phoenix Wharf all his working life, Started as 13yrs as a bagging shed boy, then Checker, and Promoted to Works Store Clerk, Long Hand Ledger Working , No Collator or Computerese, He Retired, a few year after his 65 Birthday, with long service Madalyn, Served in The 49th Lon, Home Guard as a Sergeant, also a Keen First Aider, st Johns Bridged and Association Life Member.

Fred Brown was Well Liked, By All Within Phoenix Wharf, If Required I can Tell Some Child Hood Memory's of attending Greenwich Gas Works Instantiate Parties and Phoenix Wharf Guide Tour, Reg Brown Axminster Devon