Saturday, 17 May 2008

Perseverance Pays!

Someone has just shown me a page from the Magazine 'Model Engineer' for 1946 and drawn my attention to an advertisement. This is for the Alpha Engineering Company - 'Specialists in the Manufacture of Special Purpose Cutting Tools', Perseverance Works, Woolwich Road, London, SE10. Phone:GREENWICH 1838.
So - any one any ideas? where was the Perseverance Works and does anyone know anything about Alpha?

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Anonymous said...

I felt that I had seen the name 'Alpha' before and also felt that this could refer to Woolwich Road, Charlton. I have a Greenwich Municipal Tenants Handbook of 1957 and there is an advert for 'Alpha Motors Ltd. St.Jude's Garage, Woolwich Road, Charlton, SE7. Also, the same telephone number is quoted in your entry. No number in Woolwich Road is given but I did wonder if Alpha Engineering took over the Troughton and Sims old factory. Obviously Alpha Motors took the site and kept some of the name and telephone number. That is all I know about them - I have nothing about 'Perseverance Works' or 'St.Jude's Garage'. It is possible there is an entry in the Greenwich Festival of Britain Guide book - about every business in Greenwich has an entry in it.