Saturday 10 May 2008

100 Cauliflowers

Not really sure if this is industrial history or not - but it's certainly inspired by it. This is the 100 Cauliflowers Project, where cauliflowers have been growing all winter alongside the river by the old Power Station jetty on the Peninsula. Why? They say that 'up until the 1960s cauliflowers were grown here - so local residents worked to plant and grow 100 cauliflowers in the shadow of the Dome. There is a harvest festival on 17th May in a local school where children and their parents will prepare the cauliflowers helped by 'Hand Made Food' and then eat them!

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Anonymous said...

The Roberts family of Combe Farm grew cauliflowers on Greenwich Marsh although I do not think they had land by the old Power Station jetty. In Nathanial Roberts' diary of 1858 he recorded in April that 1,200 cauliflowers had been stolen from the marshes where they were stocked ready for market - like taking lead off a church roof!