Wednesday 8 April 2020

Message to all Members and Friends

Dear GIHS Members

This is to let you know that the meeting scheduled for Tuesday 14 April WILL NOT TAKE PLACE. Because of Coronavirus we have cancelled ALL MEETINGS until after the summer. 

Your GIHS committee will continue to monitor -- as far as we can -- the industrial heritage of Greenwich. We will be grateful for any input you can offer. We will remain concerned about and alert to planning applications on industrial sites, the demolition of the gas holder, the Charlton and Woolwich sites with recent planning enquiries, the Arsenal, Deptford Creek and so on.  We appreciate any assistance you can give in these difficult times. Please keep your eyes open and let us know about anything we should know about. 

Because we have had to cancel the programme for the beginning of 2020, we are going to waive all subscription fees until the end of 2021.

In the autumn of 2020, so long as the pandemic is over, we plan to come back with an exciting programme of talks, running through until summer 2021. 

Meanwhile we have been thinking about the venue for our events, but we'd welcome your views. The Old Bakehouse benefits from easy access by public transport, but is limited in size. Do you have any suggestions of alternative locations? Would anyone enjoy afternoon sessions? Would anyone like us to record sessions or even transmit them live by YouTube, Facebook or some other medium?

"While we are not having meetings we are still very busy on-line and are always happy to publish items of news on our Facebook page - and look forward to comments and discussion on items which appear there.  Longer articles are more than welcome for the GIHS blog.  You will also be glad to see that we also now have an Instagram and a Twitter account'.  Please send items to

We shall continue to be in touch with as many of you as possible via email. We know there are some of you who do not use the internet and therefore may not see this email. If you know of anyone like this, please let them -- and us -- know. 

Alan Burkitt-Gray
Mary Mills
Elizabeth Pearcey

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