Sunday, 13 January 2019

What's going on??

GIHS Meeting Tuesday 15th January

If you are on the Peninsula east riverside, or Charlton - look over the river and there is a gaggle of boats on the other side at the entrance to a Creek. There is also a lighthouse - yes really.

This is Trinity Buoy Wharf - where at one time bad buoys were made good (they are now reformed in Harwich). Come and listen to Richard Albanese who manages the site now and will tell us all about those boats
Age Exchange Bakehouse Bennett Park, Blackheath Village, 7.30



Yesterday GIHS  members, and members of local groups and societies discussed:

The closure of the Greenwich Archive

Creekside - the need for a Creekside Path - the current planning application for Saxon Wharf

Westminster Industrial Estate - and an invite to meet the developer on the Siemens Buildings

Plumstead Station and the wrangle over the replacement bridge

Local listings in Plumstead and how they need to be extended  both in Plumstead and beyond

Local listing of riverside items on the ex-Arsenal Riverside and need to extend this too

Enderby House, Youngs and the Lay Lines sculpture

QR tags - how we need to get the system extended without vast expenditure

East Greenwich gasholder - report on meeting with the Council and SGN

News of other gasholder demolitions - Southall, Chelmsford

Photos of Greenwich depots - and writing up reports on the depots

Proposed demolition of building in Prince of Orange Lane

200th Anniversary of Joseph Bazalgette's birth

Reminder of South East Region Industrial Archaeology Conference in Dartford
The Woolwich Ferries - why no big event to mark their passing??

-  and I've probably missed lots out because we went on all afternoon

Any comments?? 

Have you anything you want to add?? or think we should raise?? Do you want to be involved in the future.
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And thanks to GCDA for letting us use their board room.

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