Wednesday, 28 November 2018

Visit to the East Greenwich Gasholder site

Photo Michael Mulcahy

Yesterday Tuesday 18th  A group of us went to the East Greenwich Gas holder site  to look round and take pix.  Hopefully various members of the party will contribute to this posting. So far

Here's an introduction from Peter Luck:

A damp Tuesday morning: an hour or so without rain and with fairly good light. A group assembles for a walk around the base of East Greenwich no1 gas holder. The owners, SGN, dispense safety gear and the group, campaigners, historians, councillors and photographers takes a slow ramble around with historical guidance form Malcolm Tucker and details from our SGN shepherd, Scott Lewis. Mostly we photograph at the base of the holder with a few steep views upwards or across the top of the bell. One of us stays put and flys a drone for a level view of top details and more dramatic images too. As we leave, with a promise if another visit, the discussion on what can realistically be saved enters a new phase. SGN begin de-watering the tank in the early new year.
Photo Peter Luck

Neil Clasper has turned to Twitter -  see

and more wonderful pictures from Neil.

and so has Nigel Fletcher -who was actually tweeting while we were still there!

Will add more as it arrives

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