Thursday 15 September 2016

MORE NEWS ITEMS - lots of exhibitions and stuff

Victorians Decoded: Art and Telegraphy ​- exhibition in central London - about communications in the 19th century -  to which Enderby Wharf in Greenwich made an essential contribution.  Explore the impact of telegraphy on the artistic imagination and wider social consciousness in the 19th century. 150 years ago communication was revolutionised. The successful laying of cable along the floor of the Atlantic ocean meant that exchanges that would have taken weeks by ship, were possible within a single day. This groundbreaking technology captivated Victorian society and how it conceived of itself in time and space. 

FREE exhibition 20 September 2016 - 22 January 2017 Guildhall Art Gallery, off Gresham Street EC2V 5AE

The project is a collaboration between the Courtauld Institute, Kings College, London and the Guidlhall Art Gallery.  Learn more about the wider programme of research and activity commemorating this event by visiting the Scrambled Messages website.

Scrambled Messages is running a photography competition See their Facebook page


Thanks to Paul Trynka we learn about planned changes to the lifting bridge which takes the Greenwich railway over Deptford Creek. Network Rail want to replace some elements of the bridge with fibreglass replicas - for some very obvious safety reasons on this working railway, The bridge dates from only 1965 when it replaced older bridges taking the railway over the Creek. It was built to lift the track to allow vessels on the Creek to pass under it - the 'sail before steam' rule.  The bridge is on the Lewisham/Greenwich border and both boroughs were apparently consulted on this. Greenwich decided listed building consent was not needed while Lewisham made a list of comments and conditions covering several pages of the report.  Would welcome info/comments on this.  Happy to send copies of the report from Network Rail - which Paul has kindly sent me - please email and ask


Pleased to see that Blackheath Historian, and GIHS contributor, Neil Rhind has been made Honorary President of the Blackheath Society - and congratulations Neil from everyone. 
Neil is leading a number of walks round the area - but Blackheath being Blackheath this is attendance by ticket only (write with SAE £5 each and you are only allowed two tickets  Blackheath Society, Old Bakehouse, 11 Blackheath Village, SE3 9LA).  They also have
13th October 7.30 insights on Sherlock Holmes and Blackheath (tickets £10
17th October - walk round Deptford Creek.10.30 Deptford Broadway DLR station. £5
15th November - walk round Olympic Park. Visitors Centre. 10.30 donations welcome
20th November - Age Exchange Friends Christmas Fair 10.30-5 - Age Exhange have been very generous to GIHS and we should support them in return.
3rd December. Blackheath Village Day. 11 am with horses from the Kings Troop plus Yuletide events (although Christmas is three weeks away then!!)



We have been sent the following links 

From Bill "Here's an 1886 report on the ship"

and from Alan > Excellent programme available on iPlayer at the moment about a late 19th  century cable ship and its role in recovering bodies from the Titanic disaster. Lots about the early history of subsea telegraphy and how they did it

complimentary articles on these issues by Stewart Ash are going to follow forthwith in several new posts. Also the updated report on the telegraphy seminar will be back soon



The Greenwich Society bring news of emergency work on the river wall by the Old Royal Naval College. This is caused by the erosion of the foreshore which has exposed the chalk footings and risking the river washing out the foundations.  The level of the foreshore is to be raised with 140 stone filled nylon bags and has been approved by historic England.
- the Greenwich Society doesn't mention the closure to the riverside walk further down river past Lovells which is also said to be (although we have no confirmation) down to erosion of the river wall and the need for remedial works.  It is good to see that, unlike the Lovell's section, that the stretch in front of the ORNC will be kept open while work proceeds. It is also noted that the closure of the Lovell's stretch has included the destruction of a number of historic items - including some of the last barge stands


NOW GALLERY - they have an event - A People's Picnic celebrating the People's Brick Company. Gateway Pavilions, 17th September 15.00-17.00. This includes making some actual bricks in a kiln which will be opened and the bricks displayed.

(we note that all of a sudden sites on the Peninsula are Lower and Upper Brickfields - fine - but the last, and probably only brickfield on the Peninsula closed around 1801 - I suppose it is better than 'The Pits' which was the historic name for some of this area).  
(or is it a chimney)
This is the Optic Cloak by Conrad Shawcross now only too visible on the Peninsula.  This is part of the Peninsula’s new low carbon Energy Centre, and has been designed in collaboration with the architectural practice C.F. Møller Architects. The centre will house is to house technically advanced boilers and Combined Heat & Power to provide heat energy on the Peninsula for some 15,000 homes and 3.5 million square feet of commercial space.  Heat will be distributed through a District Heating Network not only to Knight Dragon's developments, but also to others including Barratt's Enderby Wharf.  The Energy Centre will be completed in Autumn 2016.



 Headline from the Victorian Society "Top ten endangered buildings list highlights neglect outside South East'  - clearly they haven't seen Enderby House.   

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