Friday 1 July 2016

Some important new news - FOGWOFT - CHANGE IN WOOLWICH - STERLING CASTLE and more

Sorry about the time lapse again - down in Ramsgate and then a whole week transfixed by Twitter 
below are various requests for comments and help. Reply if you want to

-any way - are you free Tuesday lunchtime??


The Royal Borough of Greenwich will unveil a new interpretive plaque outside the Greenwich Foot Tunnel at 12 noon, Tuesday, 5 July.  Deputy Leader Cllr. Danny Thorpe will lead the short ceremony.
The plaque will tell some of the history of the tunnel and will hopefully explain to tourists what the entrance in front of it actually is (lots of them apparently think it is the Royal Observatory!!) .  The unveiling follows several years of successful working together on various m issues between the Council and the Friends of Greenwich and Woolwich Foot Tunnels. All are welcome and we hope to see you on the day.
So - all turn up and cheer! Couple or three points
1. Yes there should be a plaque on the Woolwich Foot Tunnel too. Please lobby the Council!!
2. South London has as lot of early under river tunnels - and we need to join with the Brunel Tunnel project at Rotherhithe for the first underwater tunnel in the world.   FOGWOFT is in touch with the great-grandson of the designer of the Greenwich Foot Tunnel, Alexander Binnie - again the tunnel was revolutionary in design. But Binnie had previously designed the Blackwall - now, we all hate the Blackwall but it does stand up pretty well to a daily bashing and we ought to be proud of it really - it has a BIG anniversary next year - we need to join with others to celebrate the provision of FREE cross river services over all this years.  Info - about your ideas and projects welcome.
3. Don't want to frighten off all the local people campaigning about the proposed Silvertown Tunnel. Look forward to your input too
WOOLWICH - we are very aware that the Spray Street proposals affect many historic buildings in Woolwich - which is already reeling from demolitions due to the DLR.  There are also still all these rumours about the Arsenal Canal on Thamesmead.  Please get in touch with your thoughts on this. GIHS has resources and contacts.  Don't do it alone.
- and - while on the subject of Woolwich and the Arsenal - GIHS listened to one of the best talks it has ever had last month - Ian Bull on the Arsenal site.  Really really urge people who want to know about this amazing site - probably the largest and most innovative and important works site that the world has ever seen - listen to what Ian has to say and look at the evolving web site. Happy to send details on request.
THE STIRLING CASTLE.  Visiting Ramsgate I was told about the Stirling Castle - this is a 18th century wreck on the Goodwin Sands which, rather strangely, is owned by a small Thanet based archaeological society.  There is also a rather important gun which has been the subject of an Ordnance Society Journal (No.20) article although it is not clear where it now is. 
Why should Greenwich be interested in this?  Well, Stirling Castle was built at Deptford in 1677 and, although I don't think the gun was cast at Woolwich, more info would be interesting. We also understand that Historic England has been conserving some items from her - what have they got to say?
So - we do intend to give more details about all this in due course - but in the meantime would be very interested to hear from people who we hope are our readers with any thought or info on Sterling Castle - National Maritime Museum?? Lenox Project? Deptford Dockyard groups?? Arsenal history?? - Between us we should be able to put something together
Some interesting stuff in their report - including that the Museum in Docklands is opening an exhibition on warehousing and the museum building.  They have also sent out a long long report of a talk by Edward Sargeant on construction in the Port and the Great War.  I could ask them if they would mind it being reproduced here - or, if anyone is interested, could pass on the reference to it (there isn't a digital link).
RADICAL HOUSING IN TOWER HAMLETS - only just over the river after all
Exhibition at the Raphael Samuel History Centre, Queen Mary College (and for all of you who never cross the River, that's in the Mile End Road).  Opens 7th July with a launch 6-7pm with speaker Mike Tyrrell of Tower Hamlets Community Housing
26th July Walk round Social Housing in Poplar 7-9 booking essential (and, as those of you who follow the current campaigns on the Balfron block, and Robin Hood Gardens - that should be - well - interesting!!)  (Sorry, no obvious web address)
6th August East End immigrants and the battle for housing.  2-3. this is about housing help for Jewish and Bengali people.1930s-1970s
18th August - Setting the Record Straight - housing policies and archives
20th August - Walk round housing in Bethnal Green
17th September - film on Goodbye Longfellow Road.
(You know - sometimes I really, really miss the East End).
So - we also have a newsletter from the East End Waterway Group.  This is about trying to preserve industrial buildings in Hackney Wick now developers and trendies have discovered it, post Olympics. 
One such is Algha Works - this is an old print works and a very interesting and amazing building. There is apparently a planning application to change it.
Also - Swan Wharf - which is at the Old Ford Locks which are on the Lea. This is a 1906 stable block which is set to be demolished. There is also a wharf through which, until the 1970s, all the exotic substances you have never heard of were imported to the Shellac and other factories locally. There was also a very interesting chimney which has gone already.
Hackney Wick was a very very important industrial area (the first plastics in the world were made there) and there were many characterful buildings.
(sorry the group has no email or web site - they don't seem to believe in them over there!!)
ENDERBY GROUP - is plugging on with a footfall survey along the riverside and continued lobbying. We have a new leaflet out - happy to send to anyone interested, in bulk or otherwise
All at Charlton House 2.15  contact Jim Marrett
17th September - Julie Ricketts on St.George's Garrison Church, Woolwich
8th October  Mike Jones on Crossness
11th March - Stuart Robinson on Whitechapel 1888
8th April - AGM
13th May - Jim Marrett on The Abbey at Lesnes
10th June - Charlotte Matthews - London Pubs.
(they haven't got a web site either - is this the world of the future?? )
DEPTFORD WORKING HISTORIES - tell us they are working on the 50th anniversary event of a Lewisham council estate  - and we wait to hear more.

More news on the new book about Brian Donkin and the East Greenwich tide mill to come
All news gratefully received.

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