Wednesday, 22 April 2015


A lot of things have happened - will report later - but in the short term we are looking to draw up a list of items of industrial heritage interest from all round the Borough.

Clearly there are some BIG things - the gasholder and so on 

but there are also lots of little things  - street furniture and so on.

A lot of things have disappeared and many were 'tidied up' for the Olympics - a good example was the tram telephone box in Blackwall Lane which no doubt ended up a skip somewhere - and the Blackheath Electricity Co. junction box on the A2 traffic island - removed for the sake of tidiness!!

If you know of anything - BIG - small - let us know.  Either append it as a comment here - or send to


Deborah said...

War department boundary markers in Woolwich have been disappearing (eg. outside Peggy Middleton House). I do hope the Woolwich/Plumstead boundary post in Scott's Passage will becretained when the Spray St Quarter development happens.

Over in Plumstead, a few of us have been taking pictures of various street furniture bits and bobs. Where should we send them?

Mary said...

Deborah -it has been suggested to us that we - that's Greenwich Industrial History Society - should try and draw up a list, which could be the basis of something more official later on, but that at least it would be a start. We are exploring ways in which we could fund getting it done in a more codified way. In the meantime I'm happy to hang on to lists and to make sure they are in a safe place. is a start