Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Book reviews, contacts and so on

LOTS OF BITS AND PIECES - things which have just come out and things I should have listed down a long time ago - so

Industrial Archaeology News - this (national) publication normally has very little about South East London BUT the Winter 2014 edition has major items on Greenwich  - an article by  Alan Burkitt Gray on 'Campaign to save Enderby House, the Birthplace of International Telecommunications'  and also an article by - er - me - 'Restoring the Greenwich Foot Tunnel'.  The website is  I have been unable to get any offprints - but they have agreed I can do a PDF of the articles. So if you want a copy I am

Vickery - were a firm based in Norman Road which made a paper cutting device.  I do intend to put a few notes here soon, but if you know anything about the firm, please get in touch

Gutta Percha Works in Crooms Hill - any info out there about this??

London's Industrial Archaeology No.11.  (should have put this info out years ago).  This is a journal article and very substantial about 'The Kings Yard: Archaeological Investigations at Convoy's Wharf Deptford 2000-2012' by Duncan Hawkins.  The GLIAS web site should give details about how you can buy copies of this.

Lewisham History Journal.  no.20 2012 has an article on the Macmillan Sisters and the 'Deptford Welfare Experiment'

New book 'The Windmills of North West Kent and Kentish London' - which of course includes Blackheath and Greenwich. published by Stenlake and Co and by Rob Cumming.

That's all - but here's a little non-industrial snippet.  In 1916 a German Zeppelin was shot down at Cuffley in Hertfordshire.  It was a big thing at the time - the only tourist attraction Cuffley has ever had - and there is a memorial to it there.  The commander of the Zeppelin was Hauptmann Wilhelm Schramm - and now while he was clearly very German you might be interested to know that he was born in Charlton and lived there until he was 15 (his Dad worked for Siemens).
Oh well.

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