Saturday, 14 July 2012

Joe's pictures

GIHS member Joe has shown us his albums of pictures taken along the East Greenwich riverside
- we've been scan scan scan with them all day  - there is a very small selection below with more to come.

and by the way - this afternoon has seen the relaunch of Rich Sylvesters East Greenwich History Map - more to come about that as well.
(thanks for the chocolate biscuits Rich)

Lovells Wharf crane

Lovells Wharf Crane - with the Grand Turk in the background
and the Goodyear airship in the sky

Boats and bits at the current boatyard adjacent to what was Piper's Wharf

Gantries, silos and boats on the riverside wharf at what was Amylum/Tunnel Glucose

Looking inland from Morden Wharf - buildings of Amylum glucose refinery
and the Greenwich Distillery

Gantries on what was Victoria Deep WaterWharf
with some of the Bay Wharf barge slips on the right

Modern Anchor Iron Wharf with plaques, removed from earlier buildings
on site about previous owners

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