Friday, 20 January 2012

Royal visits to Greenwich Industry

Thanks to Brian Sturt who has sent us this amazing clip of the East Greenwich Coking plant being visited by the Duke of Gloucester  -  smoke and coal dust everywhere and all the Duke gets is an overall - which - please note - does not cover his bowler hat.   Great shots - including one of a collier vessel.

to add to the general local royal jollifications here are some more pictures:
The Duke of Edinburgh visits the Fuel Research Establishment at East Greenwich in 1952 - with apologies for quality (scan from a photocopy from a microfilm of a local press report)

Below - the King - in this case George VI - visits Harvey's metal fabricators in Woolwich Road - they were where Charlton fire station now is and there are a few bits of wall and so on remaining from their works. They specialised in perforations.

and - above the Duke of Kent visits the Telcom works on the Peninsula in the 1950s - the site which is now the Alcatel works.

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