Thursday 17 December 2009

Lungley's Yard pictures

Merv has now sent the following two pictures of Lungley's Deptford Green shipbuilding yard. Comments on them would be very welcome

He has also sent an accessions list to the Southampton Archives showing that Lungley also had a works in that area

Merv has given no information as to where these pictues have come from or how we know they are of Lungley in Deptford. So, if they are someone's copyright - then our apologies and please let us know and we will remove them or give a credit.


Marmoset said...

Forgive me for placing a comment in the wrong place but I couldn't find an Greenwich Industrial History email/contact address on the site. Nevertheless, while you're on the subject of Greenwich's environs, I thought it might be worth mentioning that excavations in preparation for the new Tidemill school on Giffen Street turned up (and subsequently covered up) the remains of 3 circular brickworks last week. I have no archaeological expertise so I'm relying on anecdotal accounts that they were old wells. There are a couple of photos here:

Anonymous said...
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M said...

Thanks Marmoset - please let me know what else happens, and if archaeologists do come down and look at them, who they are - so we can contact them.
And of course, anyone else with ideas about these structures, let us know.
You can email me at,
Our other editor, Eeyore, will have to let you know another address in his own good time.

Steven Roberts said...

The pictures of Lungley's Deptford yard are from Patrick Barry's "Dockyard Economy and Naval Power", published by Sampson Lowe in 1863, where most of the text is derived. It is a book that contains a lot of information interesting to Greenwichers...