Saturday 25 October 2008

Bessemer's saloon

Most people - including his biographers - don't seem to know anything about the works that this famous inventor had on the Greenwich Peninsula (please leave a message here if you want to know more!).
Working with another Peninsula based company, Maudslay Son and Field, Bessemer, who suffered a lot from sea sickness, developed a saloon to go in ships which wouldn't sway about. This was kept at his house in Denmark Hill but then ended up as a room in the Horticultural College at Hextable (down the road from Sidcup!). It is thought that after the college was demolished that some people took bits home - and I have a message from someone who is trying to find out if this is so, and if the bits are still around! He has also sent some pictures of young ladies in the saloon at Hextable which he found in an album in an Edinburgh Bookshop. If you know anything about any of this please leave a message.

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Ray Girvan said...

Earlier this year I wrote a bit about it at Bessemer saloon and other experimental ships; the archive curator at Swanley Town Council told me about people salvaging bits after its destruction, and that some portions of panelling are preserved at Hextable Heritage Centre.