Friday, 6 January 2012

Sand mine in Diamond Terrace

Thanks to Sub Brit's Nick Catford for these very wonderful pictures of the sand mine in Diamond Terrace.

(Nick is the man - who if you look on the web for almost any railway or underground site of interest - will have taken important pictures of the site in 1960 or thereabouts).

So - thanks again Nick for these



Anonymous said...

fascinating - do you inow if it's ever open to the public?

Michael said...

Wonderful pictures! Where is the entrance though? It is in someone's garden ?

John R. Screeton said...

I remember these tunnels. My Uncle owned the villa at Cedar Banks and I used to play with my cousin on the green banks there. We "explored" the tunnels. Great memories. My uncle then built another house on the grounds, I think he named it Meridian. Anyway, that's where the tunnels are.

Jacqui said...

I remember Cedar Bank, a beautiful house. My grandad used to do odd jobs for the Screeeton family, and I was always welcome at the house with him. I loved it there, so peaceful. The house seemed like a palace to me as a child. There was the living room with the french windows and a baby grand piano in the corner, the dining room, the kitchen with an Aga, I believe. Mrs Screeton the lady of the house was so gracious and welcomed me, and her daughter used to play the piano for me, and offer to let me 'play'. Grandad was such a character, he would let her play and then shrug 's'alright', and when he sat down to play (and he could play well) he played the donkey trot! When the family sold the house and my grandad moved to the west country, I sadly could no longer visit Cedar Bank, but it has stayed in my heart all this time. The new family did invite me to call upon them once when I contacted them and told them how much I loved the place, but I never did get around to it, and I was worried about being a nuisance. Grandad told me that the tunnels originally were built by royalists during the civil war. There had been a house there before but it was burned down by Cromwell's soldiers, I do not know how much of this is accurate, but several people told me about it. I saw this tunnel being opened in 1965 while at the house with grandad.
Please excuse my typing and use of some capital letters and then none, I am on a public pc with limited time, so I wanted to put this on here. Hope it is interesting or useful.

John R. Screeton said...

So nice to read Jacqui's comment; it brings back good memories for me too! Thank you, Jacqui!