Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Greenwich riverside in the recent past

This is on Pipers Wharf - really intriguing.
Does anyone know what this vessel is>>
RECENTLY GIHS visited the studios of Bristol based artist, John Kane. John studied the Greenwich riverside some 10-12 years ago as a source of subject matter. He has kindly allowed us to use some of the photographs he took of potential material for future pictures

The walkway between the two working areas
of Piper's Wharf 
Crane Street

One of the cranes which once stood on Lovell's Wharf

The cranes which once stood on Lovell's Wharf
Somewhere in the Thames mud ........

The power station jetty - one of the few things in
these pictures which is still there!

The silos at what was Amylum, with the
cable handling gear at Enderby's in
the foreground

and more debris in the mud

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