Saturday, 1 September 2012

Greenwjch all round London

The LAMAS Newsletter has just turned up.  That's the London and Middlesex Archaeological Society - and it lists out and reports on local history societies all round London.
So - what is this issue reporting on that might be of interest to Greenwich industrial historians??

- well - they are advertising a Conference on 'London Heritage' (28th Sept. 2013 - details to follow)  the afternoon is advertised with a picture of what could be the giant ship shed at Deptford with the caption 'A Royal Dockyard'  -  as one of  'three enigmatic buildings'.  What do they mean - enigmatic??? Can't wait for the details.

Perhaps more to the Greenwich point is a Conference run by the Society for Clay Pipe Research (15-16th Sept. 2012 Sevenoaks )  The first item is - 'The Deptford and Greenwich Clay Tobacco Pipe Industry. The Archaeological Evidence'   and the second item is 'The 19th Century Clay Pipe Makers of Dartford and Plumstead'   - I wonder if the speakers would reprise that for GIHS??

and - so - what else -

Andy Brockman is speaking to Orpington and District Archaeological Society on 'Digging up Dad's Army' (5th September. The Priory, Church Hill, 8 pm) - and I guess that's about Shooters Hill!

David Rogers is speaking to Rotherhithe and Bermondsey Local History Society on the Massey Shaw, fireboat (28th November The Old Mortuary St.Marychurch Street. 7.30)

The Thorney Island Society list rather strangely 'Old Royal Naval College - 11.30 am" on 9th October - but I guess that must be a visit.

- and I am forced to believe that Camden History Society's 'Unearthing Redpath' (15th November Camden Local Studies Centre 7.30) is going to be about something people in Camden know about and not about the Greenwich Peninsula based structural steel works.

all good stuff