Sunday, 3 June 2012

New GLIAS publications

The June 2012 edition of the newsletter of the Greater London Industrial Archaeology Society has just popped through the door together with a new edition of their journal 'London's Industrial Archaeology No.10'

I feel that I ought to review these - but am going to be stretched to do so - for reasons given below.

The Newsletter - disappointingly doesn't seem to contain a single reference to Greenwich and/or Woolwich (or indeed Charlton/Plumstead/Eltham)  - come on GLIAS - we were at the centre of the industrial world!!  Why are we so ignored!!

In the three pages of events - they mention:

Crossness Engines Steaming Day - 24th June - 10-30-4.00  £5
and also on 29th July

(more about this from GIHS in a future posting)

William Armstrong talk by Henrietta Heald - at GIHS (that's us)  17th July - Old Bakehouse.7.30

For some unaccountable reason they have omitted to advertise the GIHS meeting for 12th June  - this is just as well, as our speaker for that night has asked to re-schedule for later in the year - and so the speaker will be me, I'm afraid - the rest of the Committee has asked me to re-do the talk on Maudslay Son and Field, Greenwich Shipbuilders (7.30 Old Bakehouse) which I did at the Museum of London Shipbuilding symposium.

London's Industrial Archaeology No. 10 GLIAS Journal.  Once again I can find no mention of Greenwich/Woolwich etc. in this edition. ... and I actually think it would be very wrong of me to comment further on this current publication - as the much despised, and-had-to-be-replaced ex.editor!!

So - I am now inviting everyone out there to have a look at it - if you are not a GLIAS member then rush out and buy it - (I am trying to find out how you can do that)  and write a review in the comments below.    The articles in it are really good by some terrifically talented people (there  - and I made a value judgement - which I didn't mean to). 

Get a copy - tell us all what you think, below.

Hope that is all ok - sorry, as reviews go that was all a bit personal.