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Letters July 2000

From Angela (
I have a copy of the following local history book and wondered if you could advise me how I can find out if it is of value, please:
Thankfull Sturdee - Reminiscences of Old Deptford. Reproduced from old prints. H.Richardson. 1895.  Many Thanks.

From John and Jan Drabwell (in sunny Queensland Australia.)
I have discovered my great great grandparents (John STEVENS, his wife Jane, nee. KNOTT) lived in Frances Street in 1881 and 1891.  On one of the censuses John worked at The Royal Arsenal.  One of his older sons (Henry) also workedthere.  I have a picture book, which came to me through my mother's line, of the Arsenal....lovely photos of people working in all areas . They brought the book back when they went for a trip there in 1914.    My problem with joining the Society is that I live in Australia... so I will join when we're in England at the end of October. Thank you for a very interesting newsletter.

From Phil Hudson,  .   
Hi All. A quick note to inform you that we have re-launched the journal INDUSTRIAL HERITAGE, the May issue, Vol.26 No. 1 is now available. Cheers!!!

From Stephen Selby, Crowborough, Sussex
I would like to say how much I have enjoyed reading the GIHS  newsletters.  Although I do not live in the area I do appreciate the enormous industrial heritage of Greenwich and the surrounding area, and the efforts of your Society in recording and passing on your knowledge. The main reason for writing, however, is to ask if you know if there are any records existing of the people who worked at Woolwich Arsenal, and if they are accessible. 

From Julie Tadman
I eventually plugged in "Greenwich Industrial History" on my search engine and got the Goldsmiths pages, which included issue 13.  I printed out all 19 pages, and continue to read about all the wonderful meetings and discussions, lectures etc. which the Society holds. Is there any way I can get hold of reports or copies of any lectures etc. which are of interest?
I picked up a copy of "The Illustrated London News" of September 9 1854 in Canberra, of all places, for $20.  The shop owner  had seven at the same price, which I thought was a bit rich.  This particular issue has an article about the Victoria London Docks, with an artists impression of the works. Interested?  I would have loved to have purchased all of them, just to get an idea of the times.

From Aroha Cribb
Kia ora,   Tom Cribb being a Great Great Grandfather.  As a child I was given the story of him being challenged on his deathbed to a boxing match,  which he did.  He won.   Queen Victoria made him promise that the Cribb family would never fight again in the Boxing Ring.  The story goes that a Monument has been erected in his Honour  with the wording that he "died with a Lions Heart". I am unsure as to the validity of this story, however, am excited at the prospect of further information, as my family of New Zealand have not had confirmation over the years or seen a photo/postcard of such.  Your help and any assistance appreciated.

From Iris Bryce
Re: Robinson’s Flour Mills. I wonder where the Sewing Shop was - no mention in the write up. When my mother left British Ropes, Charlton, in the early 1940s, she went to work at the mills, sewing and repairing the flour sacks. I have a photo taken of her on her last day at work in May 1953, dressed in the wrap-round overall and mop cap.

From Philip Binns
I thought you might be interested in details of the planning application at Wood Wharf.  It shows proposals by Richwood Developments, the current owner, for a potential future use of the site. I have no idea what use Richwood intend to make of the building (perhaps luxury housing over a ground floor and mezzanine of retail) but what is clear is that the present buildings between Wood Wharf and the river would be cleared to make way for a so-called ‘board walk’ as  an extension of the present river path in front of the Meridian Estate leading directly to the Fairview Homes site.
(Since Philip wrote this letter things have moved on very considerably.  He has telephoned to say that, following a public meeting attended by many people from the Meridian Estate as well as other locals, historians and conservationists, that this planning application has been withdrawn.  He promises to keep this newsletter up to date with events).

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