Monday, 3 July 2017

Bits of news

The big thing of course is the Council's consultation about building housing on the site of the gasholder. Info about the gas holder itself below The Council will exhibit the plans for the housing on the site (with no sign of the holder) tomorrow at The Forum  St Mary Magdalene School, 105 Millennium Way, London, SE10 0NF on Wednesday 5 July between 3.30pm and 7.30pm  

- and something else - there has apparently been a decision to name the new Woolwich Ferries - Ben Woolacott (after a crew member killed in an accident) and Vera Lynn.  Apparently they chose Vera Lynn because she lived in East Ham - but North Woolwich was not historically part of East Ham - although both are in  Newham now.  Past names have had a Woolwich or a Labour connection and been fairly serious - not light entertainers.  Can't we think of someone better - there must be women who have had a serious Woolwich connection.   There were several women members of the London County Council and later of the Greater London Council for both Woolwich and Greenwich. For a woman poltician I would like to press for Barbara Castle - although she had nothing to do with Woolwich and most under-40s won't have heard of her.    Suggestions????

Crossness - the current Crossness Engines Record has arrived with much in the way of interesting news. Of interest to all of us who would like to get to Crossness more easily is the  news that their new railway has been helped by the delivery of seven tons of rails - and things are going ahead
There is also news of a new boiler, of improvements to their cafe and - of work with young people and children.

GLIAS EVENTS - These include
1st August - Visit to Morden College (this is an amazing privilege and such visits are almost unknown!!)  book d.perrett647@btinternet,com
2nd September a visit to the Arsenal  led by Ian Bull. book via
7th October - Did Hiram Maxim do anything for Crayford? book via

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