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September - news and so on

Lots of news from the Lenox Project - to build a 17th century warship in Deptford
(who seem to have me down as a VIP supporter)

17th and 19th September they are hosting a London Open House event at the Master Shipwright's House in Deptford.  This is where John Shish who built Lenox would have lived. They also say Richard Endsor - historian and Lenox expert - will be talking.

Both the Lenox and the Shipwrights House are MUST SEE
(entrance via large metal gates at the end of Watergate Street)

They also advertise their merchandise, nifty teeshirts, tea towels and the like. Details on their website



We are all too horribly aware that a huge chunk of the Greenwich Riverside Path has been closed, because, allegedly the sea wall has given way and is dangerous.  Work on this will be down to the Environment Agency rather than the Council.

Fogwoft, the Greenwich Cyclists and the Enderby Group have all been talking to Council officers about what can be done - and it has been raised at various meetings.  The diversion doesn't need to be anything like as big as it is and we hope to hear news about that soon


A somewhat mysterious note from Stuart Rankin to say that all published research on Rotherhithe shipbuilding is now ... er somewhere.  Hope to get clarified soon



The current issue has an article about the Greenwich Foot Tunnel by - er - me, Mary Mills.
But thanks to Ian Blore who read it through for me.

I hope to so an article for them soon on the Woolwich Foot Tunnel and also on the much maligned Blackwall.   The Blackwall has its 150th anniversary this year and we hope to get a speaker - the great grandson of its engineer and designer, Alexander Binnie.  Professor Chris Binnie is a distinguished engineer in his own right.

The article is in Vol.37 NO.5



Thanks to Nick and all at Sub Brit. They have run as a news item the story about the new plaque for the Greenwich Foot Tunnel plus a nice picture.

otherwise this is another issue packed with articles and information about all things underground - for ie - Pneumatic railway at Crystal Palace,  Sub Brit visit to Rome. Is this London's smallest tunnel, Make your own atom bomb, etc etc et


Julian Watson writes ...

I was at the Heritage Centre yesterday and, among other things, decided to look again at an album of photos taken by David Leggatt in 1963. I was looking for his unique photo of the Tourist Information kiosk that stood in Cutty Sark Gardens; the kiosk which once or more often was hurled into the river by lads on Saturday nights. A town hall porter in uniform stood in the kiosk helping visitors.

In the same album are many industrial history photos: Deptford Wharf railway, Angerstein Railway and Wharf, the old railway bridge across Deptford Creek which took a gang of men to open, Tudor wells on the site of John Humphries House and many more. The photos are poor quality but are all dated and annotated and are rare views. 


There is a picture on Geograph
this is of a marine engine which a was in the Southampton Maritime Museum. It was made by our own John Penn on Blackheath Hill.  It is said to be in store somewhere in Mid-Wales and that there are plans to display it.  
So - has anyone any info about this - where is it going to be displayed - and why is it in Wales and not here - I don't think we have any Penn engines anywhere in Greenwich - its just other people that think they are important.
Info - please?

Lots and lots of stuff from Civic Voice and Heritage Update

** Reminding us of Heritage Open Days 8th - 11th September (outside London - which these outfits largely over) including  Treasure your Treasures encouraging communities to photograph things and stuff like that.

*** European Year of Cultural Heritage - these are proposals for 2018 (so this might not be relevant to us - oh dear!). Share your ideas they say, while there is still time...... They say look at the Europa Nostra press release - no web link given

*** Historic England survey on EU funding for the historic environment. Access the survey while you can  

** 2017 50th anniversary of Conservation Areas. So there will be a Big Conservation Conversation with a focus on 17th June and ways civic societies can celebrate this

** Ride and Stride sponsored bike ride for fundraising for churches and chapels. participation details for churches, cyclists, walkers and horses

*** Heritage Alliance Heritage Debate on heritage research. 26th October at the Waldorf Hilton. booking details soon

**** Tourism Action Plan and Discover England Fund Awards.

*** Heritage Lottery. Kick the Dust. This is about young people.

**** Institute for Historic Building Conservation. Conservation Wiki - knowledge sharing platform (now web link given)

Future of public parks inquiry


**** Local Science Heroes - scheme by the Royal Society

could think of 100s

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