Monday, 18 April 2016

Beale engineers

Next GIHS meeting 19th April at  Age Exchange Bakehouse. 7.30

In a change to the original advertised programme I am going to speak about Joshua and John Taylor Beale.

I have already written several articles about the Beale's in the 1990s - and am now a bit upset to realise that a lot of what I wrote was actually wrong!!

Joshua Beale rented part of the Enderby site from the Enderbys in the early 19th century - he had an amazingly versatile career as an inventor and manufacturer.  Much of what did links up with other strands of innovation in that period - use of rubber, steam engines, new ways of propelling boats, steam road vehicles - and much else.  His most important invention was sold to a local firm which, moving out of London, manufactured it until at least the 1950s.  That firm is now part of a multi national and adaptions of his invention is still made in their factories around the world.

John Beale, his son, was a also a prolific inventor with links to early cinema and bicycles.

Last December I went to Matlock to see a file in the Derbyshire Record Office - and uncovered an amazing story of family scandals and squabbles.

Please come along

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