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Interesting news about hopefully interesting stuff in Greenwich

There is a whole ragbag here - hope that's ok

a.  Their AGM is on 21st September at the Engine House at 2:00.  You have to be a member to go though.    Not sure how many of the members of their Committee are involved with Greenwich's industrial history - would be good to know.
b. Public Steaming Day  31st August 10.30-4 pm  £6
c. Steampunk Convivial (whatever that is ) and Guided Walk. 28th September 10-30-18.00 and you have to book  via https/ (hope that's right - if not access via the Crossness Engines web site above - that's how I did it!)
d.. Public Steaming Day  12th October. as above.

2. OVER TIME PROJECT.  This is a new arts project working with the Old Royal Naval College.
They have on:
a. Drawing workshops with local people about their memories of Greenwich and the Riverside and about 'time passing'. These are at the Age Exchange building in Blackheath Village  and dates will be arranged.  Free of charge.  contact Alex 002083189105
b. They hope to repeat these either at the University of Greenwich or at The Forum@Greenwich 
c.  ENDERBY WHARF.    They have events on Enderby Wharf  on the foreshore on 13th and 14th September  11-4 and 7.45-10 ALSO events  at the Old Royal Naval College (26th) and Stephen Lawrence Gallery (18th) .   There are no details (meeting was cancelled)  but there are ten artists and each will  spend a specific amount of time at Enderbys doing whatever.  There will be an exhibition at the University and a day of performance and film at NMM.

a.  Their annual conference will be at the National Maritime Museum 18th April 2015 and will be on The Dockyards' Waterloo?  The Royal Dockyards and the Pressures of Global War 1793-1815.   They are calling for papers for this and anyone interested should send the title and a 300 word synopsis before 30th October to Peter Goodwin, Secretary NDS, 26 Duncan Road, Southsea, PO5 2QU  023 9229 5949
b. Not in Greenwich BUT  (sort of localish - well, its in Kent) Sheerness Dockyard Preservation Trust free lunch to celebrate a lottery fund grant for the derelict Dockyard Church - and see inside it.  17th September  Garrison Road, Blue Town, Sheerness  3.30-6.00

4. WAVES OF WOOLWICH.  This is an audio project and they currently are working on a project about the Woolwich Foot Tunnel.

5 PREFAB MUSEUM. (this is in Lewisham, but never mind)  The Museum has now got support from Lewisham Council (gosh!!) and the museum will remain in place until at least 2017.  They have set up a fund raising web site
Please remember GIHS has Elizabeth Blanchet, from the museum coming to speak to us about it in the Spring.

6. GREENWICH SQUARE - (THE OLD GDH SITE).  The developers on the site have commissioned Rich Sylvester to undertake a historical project on the site.  Rich is running a series of talks about the site with an opportunity to view the work so far. These are on 10th September 4 pm and 6 pm, 11th September 4 pm, 14th September 4 pm 25th September 4 pm and 6pm.  and to book a place you need to email

7. TALL SHIPS.  Its all in the press. Would have been good to have had a presence about the industrial history of the area, and the Enderby site in particular.  Was given a contact - no one ever replied to requests for a bit of space.  Hey-ho

8. EASTSIDE PROJECT.   They have put out an appeal for people with memories of the Harland and Woolf ship yard in North Woolwich to contact them - they have a project on the subject.  02085533116

9. DOCTOR HOO.  It is understood that a 'spotters' special train will be visiting Angerstein Wharf, among other places on a day trip on 8th November.  This is run by UK Railtours  leaves Waterloo at 8.15 - of course you have to book.

10. GLIAS August Newsletter. Nothing about Greenwich ( they have been sent stuff about FOGWOFT and Enderby - but never mind!).  Thank you though for a nice review of my little Lovell's Wharf booklet.  Very grateful. They advertise the following which might be of interest:
a. GASHOLDER conference. (I'm going, of course).  Institution of Gas Engineers (you have to join to book), British Library Conference Centre,  9-4.30 16th September  £50 0844 375 4436  (I don't give our great gasholder long - might find out - since no one else will tell us)
b. 500 Years of Thames Watermen by Bob Crouch  Rotherhithe and Bermonsey Local History Society. Time and Talents Centre. 24th September 7.45
c. Lighterage on the Thames. by Barbara and Alun Thomas. London Canal Museum  7.30  2nd October .

11. CHARLTON SOCIETY. Dates - all meetings Charlton House 2.30 (that's what they say but when I did a talk last month it was at the Assembly Rooms.
a. 13th September Charlton Pet Cemetery by Liz MacDermott
b. 15th November  The Gunners in Woolwich (that's by Brigadier Timbers himself)
c.  13th December. Major John Little's Memorial on Woolwich Common (that's by Carol Kenna, who, of course, is herself too!!)

12.  THE BOY WHO CLIMBED OUT OF HIS FACE.   This theatrical production by North London BASED Shunt has had great critical acclaim.  It is on the 'old coaling jetty' which is the old jetty for the Blackwall Point power station and is on the riverside up from John Harrison Way.  It is promoted by the developer and has had little local publicity - it is rumoured they are hoping to attract well off North Londoners to their tiny new flats. However the show is very good (tickets via the Barbican office)  and you can buy drink and food at any time there (its a Hoxtonesque menu though).

We reviewed an article in the national archaeology press about the proposed demise of the Teletubby Sainsburys.   We now understand that listing has been refused. But this has all been rather overshadowed by the news that the architect of the building  - Paul Hinkin - has died suddenly. We don't know any details - but he was a relatively young man with strong credentials and a 'green' architect who believed in sustainability.  The Sainsburys shop was his major work and his great award winning  building. Dreadful.
(I am struggling here - there is a lot more I could say)

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There is a nice illustration of Nesons favourite ship the Armageton loading cable at Enderby,the ultimate tall Greenwich local history library